Monday, 11 June 2018

Faux Eco Leather

Why to opt Faux Leather?

Here are FIVE reasons why one should kick off the real leather and let the faux leather make space in eco-friendly world.

1. Eco Leather looks as real as the “real leather”

The leather made with Polyurethane or Polyvinyl Chloride looks similar to real leather. PU was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use real animal skin.

2. Breathable
No one likes to be in a pool of sweat. Marvel has come up with breathable artificial leather. The product has micro holes, which helps the air to pass which makes it good for jackets and shoes too. 
Faux Leather

3. Cost Effective
Faux leather is cheaper as compared to the real one. The leather made with animal skin can make a hole in your pocket. Also, the quality of the real leather can’t be known easily as it depends on multiple factors such as animal origin, substance (thickness), type etc. 

4. More Realistic 
Real leather has a tendency to break, tear or get wrinkles whereas Rexine Cloth or faux leather does not crack or peel. That is why it is always recommended to buy furniture made of faux leather and not the real skin. As it remains smooth and supple during time it remains at the furniture.

5. Less Maintenance & Perfect Looking

PU leather unlike the real leather made of skin requires very little maintenance such as cleaning or wiping dirt from its surface. Also, this doesn’t get tear up easily especially when the base material is strong. 

This eco-friendly material looks better than the real one as animal skin contains scars and with a close inspection of the surface one can detect the pores too.

We at Marvel Vinyls are serving you the best faux leather without playing with the environment. 

Monday, 4 June 2018

Facts About Faux Leather

PU (Polyurethane) leather fabrics are faux leather made from high quality plastic materials, so as to be much cheaper than real animal leather.

Originally made in clothing industry for glossy upper of shoes, PU leather is now adopted and applied for upholstery and furniture because of its man-made consistent texture and convenience in terms of maintenance. It can fool your sense and sight of touch easily.

It’s also called vegan leather.

Polyurethane crafts are the most realistic imitation of genuine leather-based, with respect at hand, surface sense, and basic look. Polyurethane is considered greener than Vinyl because it does now not create dioxins. PU resins are product of a softer polymer and therefore don’t want additional plasticizes.

PU PVC leather looks just like pure leather, you can tell the difference from its back side where you see a cloth that is used to attach the leather like chemical.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Rexine Car Seat Cover Fabric Manufacturer Exporter

Car Seat Cover material comes in various range and prices. Rexine Cloth is widely used as upholstery fabric for car interiors and home furnishings.

We can describe Rexine as a product of Synthetic Leather like PVC or PU which is very durable, easy to maintain and the best cheapest option to give sophisticated look and feel exactly like real leather. If you are looking for good car seat cover designs Marvel Vinyls is the name, having 30 years of experience in the industry.
Car Seat Cover
Quality car seat cover material is the most important part of the car to protect car seats and make your car interior more attractive.

Marvel Autobliss range is fully dedicated to all automotive leatherette fabric and manufacture high quality soft Rexine Material for car seat covers all over the world at affordable prices. Choosing the best upholstery leatherette gives you durability and comfort.

For more information on  Automotive Upholstery Fabric 

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

PVC Artificial Leather Best Alternative to Real Leather

Leatherette is available in various kinds and always very much in demand for Upholstery Car Seat Covers, handbags, footwear and clothing. There are variety of reasons why people demands for Synthetic Leather, one of the topmost explanations is its looks like the real leather in reasonably priced value and possible to give variations to grain, color and texture in the making process of manufacturing, so buyer can easily customize according to their requirement.

PVC Synthetic Leather is very popular in auto seats covers (Car Seat Cover, Truck Seat Cover etc.) as good quality artificial leather are soft, breathable, moisture resistant, easy to clean and very much look like the real leather at lower price. Marvel Autobliss PVC leather cloth range covers all automotive  industry.

PVC PU leather has acquired a very good position in market especially when it comes to furnishing or decorating residential, commercial places and is considered the best lower cost alternative to genuine leather. 

Marvel Vinyls has years of experience in manufacturing and exporting artificial leather across all the countries.

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PVC Car Seat Leather Cloth

Sunday, 1 January 2017

How To Clean Synthetic or Artificial Leather